Buckland Cop, Michael Manser, 1965, Surrey        
Wed, 15th Oct — 0 notes
Golden Grove House, Michael Manser, Surrey, 1960 
Wed, 15th Oct — 2 notes
Capel Manor House, Michael Manser, Kent 1971
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The Space Between, Marc Yankus
Sat, 11th Oct — 1 note
The Space Between, Mark Yankus        
Sat, 11th Oct — 4 notes
The Space Between, Mark Yankus, Montage
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Andrea Oliva, Piazza XXIV maggio
Wed, 8th Oct — 2 notes
Herman van den Boom
Tue, 7th Oct — 3 notes
Paul Rudolph’s Yale Art and Architecture Building, section
Mon, 29th Sep — 6 notes
Paul Rudolph,  Yale Art and Architecture Building
Mon, 29th Sep — 1 note